Learn to Read Her body Language

Women can be very difficult to read. Sometimes they flirt when they’re not interested, and ignore you if they are. They say no when they mean yes, and say they’re ‘fine’ when they’re furious. It’s no wonder that men get so confused trying to understand these mysterious creatures!

Learning to read body language can be very useful. Rather than trying to interpret what she says, you can pick up a lot about her mood by her body language. It’s particularly useful when you first meet a girl, determining whether or not she is interested in you sexually. There are certain signs that might seem obvious; a big smile, a lingering glance, laughing at something you’ve said or playing with her hair. However, it’s a good idea to look for a combination of these signals rather than one on it’s own. She could just be in a great mood or have a habit of playing with her hair; if you look for a number of signals in succession, you have a better chance of getting a clear picture.

As well as the body language mentioned above, look for the following signs that she is attracted to you. If a lady is interested, she will subconsciously mirror your body language. This doesn’t have to bed exact; it could be something like uncrossing her legs when you do, or leaning on the same arm to mirror you. She may also point her body in your direction; crossing her legs towards you, pointing her feet your way. If she is thinking about you sexually, she may touch phallic shaped objects such as the stem of her wine glass. Again, this is usually subconscious rather than an overt sexual gesture.

If a girl is thinking about kissing you, her gaze will keep returning to your mouth. She might even lick her own lips and touch her mouth and face regularly. The same goes for men; if you can manage to keep your eyes off her cleavage for long enough, you may find yourself focusing on her lips. If you are not yet at the stage where you’re talking, a clue that she likes you is if she keeps glancing over and holds your gaze. Try to read her expression here; you want to be sure that she is interested and doesn’t just think you’re someone she recognises or has an odd look about them!

When a girl fancies you, she becomes more tactile. London escorts are especially tactile as they are friendly and flirtatious girls – just the type you’ll love! She will find excuses to touch you and make physical contact. Check how she behaves around other people; if she is being more touchy feely with you than anyone else, it’s a good sign!