Let’s Talk About Sex

Times are changing. As divorce rates soar and monogamy seems to be a rare treasure, Londoners are embracing sex more than ever before. Women are becoming more confident and liberated; many are still concerned about a stigma or their reputation, but there are also a whole generation of ladies who are taking control and looking out for their own needs first.

After speaking to some of our Tufnell Park Escorts, we discovered that a large majority of women have higher sex drives than we thought. A survey was carried out amongst London women, and on average they wanted sex nearly 6 times a week. So if your Mrs is only giving it to you once a week, perhaps you’re going wrong somewhere! Unfortunately for us, there is still an imbalance in sexual craving – ideally, men want an average of 24.5 times a week. Sounds great to me, if a little over ambitious!

In the past, men always rated themselves higher than women when asked about their sexual performance. This could be their self assured confidence, or it could be arrogance. Either way, girls were a bit more modest – until now. In the most recent survey, men gave an average of 3.7 out of 5, and women were just behind them at 3.6 out of 5. They’re evidently becoming more confident about their sexual skills and not afraid to show it. Great news!

With the changing times, bisexuality and homosexuality has become more common place and less taboo. Much to my delight, the 90s saw girls in my secondary school practising kissing on each other and testing their own curiosity. By the time I was drinking in pubs around the millennium, the ladies would offer to make out in front of me for a free drink. This wave swept across the nation, and now girls who consider themselves straight are dallying with the same sex to get their kicks. 25% of the London women surveyed claimed to have slept with both sexes.

I remember seeing television footage of the swinging 60s, and had this horrible notion of my friend’s parents getting it on with the fat old man next door. It didn’t seem appealing in the slightest. But the noughties have brought group sex into a whole new light, with classy parties organised in mansions for the “sexually elite”. Many men surveyed had fantasies of threesomes, foursomes or orgies – now that I’m all grown up I can see the appeal!