Living for the Weekend

Friday has arrived, and you’re watching the clock on the wall counting down the minutes until you get to leave work and let your hair down. Weekends are a time of rest and a time of play; they deserve a celebration!

If you’re stuck for ideas of what to do around London, we’ve come up with a few suggestions that you might enjoy.

With the Lads Friday: If you get on well with your colleagues, find the nearest pub to your workplace and go straight there in your suit or uniform. Have a few beers or wines and find something non work related, unless there’s any particularly good work place gossip going around! Saturday: Catch up with any shopping or chores you need to do during the day time, leaving your evening free. Meet up with one or a group of your best mates, and hit the town. There are plenty of bars and clubs to choose from in central London, so look up which has good music and reviews, and head there until the early hours. Sunday: Have a lie in, and recover from your possible hangover. In the afternoon, you could either chill out in front of the telly or invite a friend over to play computer games. Order in a take away to complete your lazy day.

With the Mrs Friday: Come straight home from work and cook a nice meal together. It’s a bonus if it’s already on the table, but doing it together makes it more fun and she’ll appreciate the gesture. If neither of you are into cooking, Friday’s a great night to order a take away. Saturday: Give her time to catch up with girlfriends, leaving them to their shopping or coffee. In the meantime, you can catch up with any projects you have going around the house, whether it’s DIY, something on the computer or a hobby. Make the evening a date night; you should both make an effort getting ready to make it feel special, then go out to dinner or to the cinema. If you’re brave enough, you could even take her dancing! She’s bound to thank you for it later… Sunday: Lounge around in bed with your Mrs. It might be the best day for family duties if you have relatives to visit, but put it off until at least lunchtime so you have a chance to relax.

On Your Own It’s great to have some alone time – you might want to catch up on some reading or just have a rest. But give yourself a thrill by hiring one of our gorgeous Dalston Escorts to have some fun with for a few hours!