Means of Communication

I remember the days before mobile phones, emails and instant messaging. Life might seem easier now, but it was so much more simple back then. If you wanted to date a girl, you had to call her on the phone or write her a letter. Now, you just find out her surname and add her on Facebook or Myspace!

There are advantages and disadvantages to both. The old way is more personal, more romantic – there are no expectations of contact 5 times a day. But new methods mean instant access to all her information, photos, you name it! If you had your beer goggles on when you met, you’ll get no nasty surprises the next time you meet if you’ve viewed her profile.

Some view these developments in technology as a good thing, giving you more options, more ways to communicate. If you have a lot to say, an email can give you a chance to explain yourself fully, instant delivery and no post box required. If you just want to tell someone a quick ‘Hello’ or ‘Thinking of you’, texting or paging is ideal. You still have the option of phones if you want an immediate answer, and instant messaging is a great way of catching up with friends or sharing information with colleagues.

Dating has also been made much easier. Gone are the days of single nights at the local pub and lonely hearts adverts in the newspaper. There is now a dating website on-line for everyone; you can search for certain qualities or interests, salary, location or age. Many successful relationships have been forged through these methods. There are also sights for no strings attached sex, people who are looking for love, those wanting extra marital affairs… whatever you’re looking for. One of the best ways to find companionship is to spend some time with London escorts. For example, if I want to find myself a Westminster escort, all I have to do is log on to the internet and browse the photo galleries for my perfect girl. I don’t need to rely on information over the phone any more; I can see for myself what my date will look like.

Who knows what lengths technology will stretch to in the future; maybe we’ll all get into virtual sex and be able to see a hologram of escorts before they arrive! Wherever it takes us, don’t neglect the romance and take advantage of all the means of communication at your fingertips.