Missing Someone Too Much

All of us have experienced missing somebody at some point in our lives. As a child, you feel the initial separation anxiety when your parents leave you with a babysitter, then the trauma of your first day of school! You will experience feelings of loss when your first pet passes away, or when a close friend moves away from the area.

As an adult, the person who you miss the most is often a partner or a lover. We soon get used to our parents not being around after moving out (and are grateful for the independence), and friends come and go. When you fall in love with someone (or in lust), the awareness of separation intensifies, meaning you can feel wretched after even just a day apart from them, especially in the initial stages of the relationship. This is irrational of course; nothing bad will happen as a result of you not being together physically, and you may well have the rest of your life to spend with this person if they are your partner.

Where you need to be careful is if the object of your affection is not your partner; it could be a girl you have a crush on, a brand new girlfriend or a London escort who you see regularly. In the latter case, it is dangerous to get too attached; as charming and lovely as these girls are, you need to remember that your relationship is professional and that you are paying for their companionship. If you’re looking to settle down, other avenues should be explored. If you miss your favourite escort all the time, it could be a sign that you’re becoming too attached; in this case, perhaps you could try meeting a different escort to see if you enjoy some alternative company. If a weekly fix with your favourite is enough to sustain you, then it isn’t a problem – carry on booking!

If you’re dating or pursuing someone new, you need to play it cool to keep them interested. As much as you miss her, if you spend all your time together or text and call her all the time, she may begin to feel suffocated. You both need your own space to maintain a healthy relationship – remember, “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. If you spend every day together from day 1, you could eventually become sick of each other. Relationships need to be developed gradually as you learn more about each other; building it slowly makes for much more sound foundations.