Oral Tips for Him & Her

Open minded girls like our`London escorts <https://vlondonescorts.co.uk/escorts/gallery/todaygirls/1/>`_ love to read up on sex tips; they are often published in glossy magazines, or discussed on late night TV programmes. In this day and age, you don’t have to look very far to find a wide range of advice on sexual practices, but so many people are still in the dark! We thought we’d share some oral sex tips for men and women, just in case you’ve always been too shy to ask and feel like something is lacking in this department.

For Men: Giving oral sex can be a great pleasure, especially when it means that the pressure to perform with your manhood is off for a while! It lets you get completely involved in enjoying your partner, as well as giving her great pleasure.

One common mistake that men make when they go down on a woman is to keep their tongue tense, which can result in a prodding motion with the tip. What most women prefer is for you to keep your tongue flat, allowing you to cover a greater area. Try to use a firm but gentle lapping motion, and keep your mouth relaxed.

You don’t have to go for the jackpot straight away; try licking around her clitoris first to gradually build up the sensations; by the time you hit the button, she’ll be desperate for it!

For Women: The first, most important thing is not to take the name “blowjob” literally — whatever you do, don’t blow down it! Think of his penis more like an ice-cream, or something you can lick and caress with your tongue, lips and hands.

Try to vary your moves, rather than just going in and out of your mouth. Swirl your tongue around the tip of his penis, lick along the sensitive underside and take it as deeply into your mouth as you’re comfortable with. Don’t be afraid to use your hands too; some men like having their testicles stroked, others like a firm grip around the base of the penis as you suck gently on the end. Everyone is different, so try some different techniques and ask what works for him.

For both: Avoid getting your teeth in the way. If you’re eager to nibble, save it for a less sensitive body part! Also, both men and women can become very sensitive after they have climaxed. Don’t push them to carry on if they make it clear that they’ve finished; sometimes once is enough. But if they keep grinding against you for more, go for it!

This is a time when it’s important to read your partner’s body language. If either of you feel uncomfortable friction at any point, add some lubricant; there are plenty of flavoured lubes available to mix things up a bit.

The most important thing is to communicate, and to make sure you’re enjoying yourself!