Places to Pull

A lot of guys seem to think that you have to wait until Saturday night to chat up the ladies, in a bar or a club. It might be due to the fact that you have a little more dutch courage, feeling more self confident with a few pints inside you. Unfortunately, this will only work if the object of your affection is equally tipsy; if she’s sober, a drunken man staring at her breasts instead of her face will not leave her swooning.

You don’t need to wait for the weekend to flirt with women; they’re all around you, every day. Have a look the next time you go into a coffee shop: hot girls. How about travelling on the tube? Hot girls. And queuing at the supermarket checkouts? Hot girls! It’s perfectly acceptable to strike up a conversation at any one of these places. Just be sure to read her body language; if she holds eye contact with you, smiles or chats openly, you’re in. If she averts her gaze, gives you short, one word answers or angles her body away from you, she wants to be left alone.

There are some places that a woman might not want to be approached, so also bear this in mind. If she’s in the gym doing a work out, she may be conscious of looking red and sweaty, even if you think she looks gorgeous. The best time to approach a girl at the gym is as she’s just entering or leaving – interrupting her work out might even annoy her if she’s trying to focus. Also, don’t start talking to a girl who is shopping for lingerie – she’ll just think you’re a pervert. If you do spot a beauty in this section, wait for her to go to a different department before you ask her advice on a shirt you’ve picked up. Don’t approach a woman who looks like she’s in a hurry – those ones you just have to let go!

Be confident when you talk to women; don’t be scared of rejection, because you won’t lose anything by trying. You know the old saying: “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”. If this all sounds too terrifying or like too much effort for you, you could always stay in the comfort of your own home and call one of our London City escorts to come and meet you. They’ll always be pleased to be chatted up!