Please Her in Bed

Some men aren’t too fussed about whether their partner climaxes or not, as long as they do themselves. Others refuse to ejaculate until they’re sure she’s had an orgasm or two. Either way, it can be a real turn on and a real confidence booster to please your woman so much.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to make a woman climax. It takes patience and determination, and realistic expectations. It would be so easy to detect if all women came as easily and as loudly as porn stars, screaming the house down and throwing their hair back. However, real women can be a lot more subtle and less vocal, so keep an eye out for shaking, quivering bodies to indicate that they’re coming.

What you need to remember is that most women do not climax from intercourse alone – only 15% of women are able to do this. You need to stimulate her clitoris in the right way, whether it’s with your tongue, fingers or in a sexual position that applies friction to the area.

First of all, set the mood. A woman’s orgasm is not as mechanical as a man’s; you can’t just rub her sexual organs and expect her to come. It’s a very intimate experience for a girl, so ensure she is comfortable and relaxed, in a nice romantic atmosphere.

Take things slowly. She will need foreplay, attention and affection to warm things up. A lady’s genitals can be very delicate, so when she is wet use some of her natural lubrication to wet her clitoris and massage it gently. Don’t go straight for it; kiss and cuddle her first, stroking her skin and body to work your way down when she is responsive to your advances. Never rush her or ask whether she has come yet – this will ruin the mood.

When you are engaging in intercourse, either of you could join in by rubbing her clitoris. Of course, she knows herself so will know exactly how she likes to be touched. Otherwise, you could adopt a position such as doggy style where you can easily reach round and stimulate her clitoris.

Some women find it easiest to climax from oral sex. The best way to find out how she likes it is to ask; let her guide you on whether she likes it fast or slow, soft or hard. We spoke to some of our Earls Court Escorts to see how they like to be treated in bed, but they all answered differently. This goes to show that each woman is individual; just because your ex liked something done in a certain way, it doesn’t mean that other women will!