Private Fantasies

Whether you’re alone or with a partner, it’s very common to fantasise during sexual activity. You might be with an absolutely gorgeous woman, but when you close your eyes that doesn’t stop you imagining something else, perhaps something a bit more naughty or taboo. Many men think about sexy London escorts to get them off, and some think about ex girlfriends or even the wives of their friends.

It’s a known fact that men are more visual and women are more imaginative in the bedroom; that’s why we go crazy for kinky lingerie, and why we might prefer to watch porn than dream up a scenario in our head when pleasuring ourselves. Women can draw on memories of previous sexual encounters to arouse themselves, recalling every detail such as the lighting, smells and sensations. However, if your girlfriend or wife tells you that she only ever thinks of you while masturbating it’s probably not true! Women are just as capable of fantasising about someone else; it could be their neighbour, their boss or Johnny Depp. Everyone has a little desire for the unattainable, always wanting what you can’t have.

Men do also think about their partners sexually; most of their recent sexual experiences have been with this person and they are physically attracted to them, so it’s inevitable that they will pop into your head. When some men were asked what they think about when they masturbate, it was often secret fantasies that they haven’t shared with their partner but still involves them. For example, one man always imagined that he was having anal sex with his girlfriend, but they didn’t partake in this in real life. Another liked to imagine his own wife but wearing especially naughty underwear.

When you’re having sex with someone, it isn’t a crime for your mind to wander – it doesn’t mean that you don’t want to be them. As long as you remain attentive to the person you’re with and don’t say the wrong name out loud, you should be safe! The brain is a marvellous thing, and allows you to live out your deepest fantasies. By closing your eyes you could suddenly be inside Megan Fox, it could be her body that you’re feeling!

It’s up to you whether or not you disclose your private fantasies. The person you’re with will not want to hear that you’ve been thinking of someone else during your intimate times, but if it’s something like a sexual activity you haven’t tried yet or some lingerie you’d like to see her in, it could be beneficial to bring it up. You never know – she might have been thinking about the same thing when she closes her eyes! This could be your chance to turn the fantasy into reality.