Set The Mood

If you’re trying to romance a lady and you’re hoping to entice her, there are certain things you can do to set the mood. Although some techniques are a bit cliche, if done subtly they can work wonders.

LIGHTING Soft, diffused lighting is much more flattering that harsh bright light. This effect can either be created with lamps, a dimmer switch or candles. If you do have naked flames, ensure they are in a safe place so that there are no accidents when you and your girl get distracted. The most flattering angle of light is at face level, so a table lamp with an opaque shade would be effective. Not only will you look more desirable to your partner, but they will also look more attractive to you!

SCENTS A bad smell is going to put anyone off sexual activity, so ensure your location is smelling clean and fresh. Incense is a quick fix, but opening a window is a good idea as the scent can be a little overbearing. The open window will also be appreciated if you both become hot and sweaty later on! There are fabric sprays and house perfumes that can be bought for your home, along with the regular air fresheners.

MUSIC This is where you need to be subtle. If your date walks into the room to the sound of Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On”, it will be blindingly obvious that you are trying to get into her knickers. For a more gentle seduction, try some instrumental chill out or jazz that can remain unobtrusive in the background. Avoid anything too energetic or distracting, such as trance or rock music.

TASTES Make sure your fridge is stocked with drinks to offer her. Whether she is a London escort or a girl you met in a bar, she is not likely to be impressed with a choice of beer or tap water. It’s always useful to keep some spirits in the house – they keep for a long time so you’ll have them on hand for any other visitors. It’s nice to have some wine, or if you know her tipple then have it available. If you’re not dining together, it’s also nice to have some snacks or finger food to offer; even if she declines, she will appreciate the effort you have made. Then at least you’ll have something to eat for breakfast after she’s gone!