Setting the Mood

So you’ve managed to get lucky; you have a date coming round to your place – who knows what might happen! Whether it’s a new lady you just met or a pretty London escort girl, you want to make a good impression. Here’s how you can charm her in your den!

First of all, have a really good tidy up. Women don’t like mess, and will actually find it quite a turn off if your place is dirty. Don’t just shove everything under your bed; make sure all your clothes and bedsheets are washed and clean so that no bad smells linger. Take out the bins, wipe down the surfaces and hoover or sweep the floor. It might seem like a lot of effort, but it’s the first thing she will notice. You need to wait until you’re an established couple before letting her see what kind of state you usually live in!

If you have house mates, try to arrange it so that they’re out for the evening, giving you the place to yourselves. There’s nothing less romantic than a random person walking in half way through your evening, scratching their balls, drinking from the carton and switching the TV on! Whoever you live with will probably respect the fact that you might get lucky, so will make themselves scarce!

Find some gentle music and dim the lights, using lamps or candles to set the mood. If you want to go to a lot of effort, create a pleasant aroma with incense or aromatic oils. This may not be necessary if you are planning to cook, because that will fill your home with delicious smells (hopefully not the smell of burning)!

Even though you’re staying in, wear something nice. She won’t be expecting a tuxedo, but girls usually go to a lot of effort for any date, so she might feel a bit embarrassed if she arrives dressed up to the nines and you’re in your sweat pants. Also, wear clean underwear and socks without holes in them; remember to put on deodorant so you smell fresh when the heat turns up…

When she arrives, remember to be a gentleman and a good host – take her coat, offer her a drink and a seat. If you do cook she will be very impressed, but if you don’t dare you could always share a take away instead. The rest is down to you, so switch on that charm and keep your fingers crossed!