A Valentine’s Day to Remember

You might not think that Valentine’s Day is a big deal, but there’s a fairly large chance that your partner will disagree. Women love to be spoiled and shown how much they’re loved on February 14th, even if they pretend they don’t!

Depending on your wife or girlfriend’s personality, there are many ways to romance her on this special day. The main factor is whether or not she enjoys public displays of affection and likes being the centre of attention; if she does, you will score big points for having flowers sent to her work place where everyone else can see them. It’s still lovely for her to receive them at home, but a delivery at work means that she can show the world that she is adored and treasured. She will probably act bashful, but inside she will be glowing.

If your girl is shy or easily embarrassed, it’s best to keep your gestures private. It’s up to you to judge how big or small a gesture she would like; the bare minimum that most women expect is a Valentine’s card. Other popular and traditional gifts include a single red rose, a box of chocolates or a bouquet if you want to splash out.

Many couples like to go out for a romantic meal on Valentine’s Day, so ensure you book a table in advance to avoid disappointment. Most decent restaurants will be full up! If you don’t want to battle the crowds, a home cooked meal can be just as romantic. If your girl usually cooks for you, return the favour and let her put her feet up. A good choice of tipple is champagne, which is often served with half a strawberry in the glass (known as an aphrodisiac). Set the table with your best china and candlelight, with soft music in the background to complete the romantic setting. You could both dress nicely too so it feels like a proper occasion.

The retail industry benefits greatly from man-made holidays such as Valentine’s Day, however this does make it easier to remember the date and to find some love themed gifts. There are heart shaped balloons and sweets, teddy bears and hampers. If you want to spend a bit more you could opt for classics such as jewellery, perfume or lingerie.

It’s common for couples to make love on Valentine’s Day, even if their sex life has been dwindling. You can use this day to try new things in the bedroom, the occasion giving you more confidence to be adventurous.

For those who don’t have a partner, Valentine’s Day can be very lonely. It’s impossible to escape the love songs on the radio, romantic films on TV and red and pink window displays that line the streets. If you don’t want to spend the evening alone, hire one of our beautiful London escorts to get the best girlfriend experience possible.