Wake Up Her Wild Side

Even the most prudish women can have a sexual animal deep inside them, desperate to be unleashed. They might not know it themselves, but with a little help from you they might just discover their secret desires! Unfortunately not every girl is as confident as our gorgeous London escorts, so it could take some gentle coaxing. Don’t rush into suggesting hardcore S&M – this might scare her off. Test the water first, gradually building up to the kinkiest acts.

A good introduction to kinky sex is by adding some childish, playful behaviour to your love making sessions. Try giving her a gentle spank to see how she responds; don’t do it hard as it can sting at first, but do it when you’re in the throes of passion. You could also bite her gently (but not hard enough to mark her or draw blood). Avoid biting her breasts or genitals as this will be painful for her. Some hair pulling is also good thanks to sensitive areas on the scalp, but careful not to yank it. Put your fingers close to her scalp rather than pulling from the ends so that she doesn’t hurt her head or neck.

If you want to make things a bit kinkier, it might be a good idea to discuss it with her beforehand rather than springing it on her unexpectedly; whipping out your gimp mask and handcuffs could send her running for the hills! Instead, start off with some mild bondage. Try holding her wrists above her head or pin them down by her side next time you get passionate. Kiss, lick and tease her while she’s held there and see if she enjoys it. If she doesn’t strain to get free, ask if you can tie her there until you’ve made her cum. Use something that won’t hurt to tie her, such as silk scarves or fluffy handcuffs. You can later introduce a blindfold and try role reversal so that she’s in control.

Many women use sex toys these days, so don’t be afraid to ask if you can introduce them into your sex play. She might not be as familiar with toys designed for men such as butt plugs, but you can educate her on what you like and learn to use toys together.

Some practices that used to be less common are now becoming much more acceptable in society, such as anal sex. Never ever try to stick it in ‘by accident’ because this will be very painful for her and could put her off the idea for good. Instead, ask her if she’s ever tried it before, and if she agrees try it really gently. Read up online first so you know how to do it. She’s soon be roaring with animal pleasure!