What Do Women Want?

It can be very difficult to work out what women want; sometimes we spend, weeks, months or years trying to be their perfect guy but never quite manage to get it right. You’d think that if we look good, have enough money to support them and learn to listen and be sensitive, they couldn’t ask for anything more. But apparently they can! After speaking to some of our Merton escorts, we found out that there’s a whole lot more to being their dream man.

Your attitude can do wonders to attract a woman – or to repel them. What she really wants is someone who is positive and optimistic; this tends to rub off on those around you and generally lightens the mood. If you make her feel good about herself, she’ll relate that to feeling good around you. Try to keep the sarcasm, cynicism and moaning to a minimum, as these will always put her off.

To impress a girl, you need to have good social skills and the ability to communicate. If you go to a party, she won’t want to have to do all the talking while you skulk in a dark corner. When introducing you to her parents, she’ll hope that you’re charming and make conversation. If your social skills are lacking, it’s an area you’ll definitely want to brush up on to snare a gorgeous girl.

Although looks and money can take you a long way, never underestimate the power of a sharp mind. Intelligence can be a real turn on, so use it to your advantage. Make witty jokes, impress her with interesting facts and dazzle her with your insight. Just try not to make her feel small or inadequate if her intellect doesn’t quite match up to yours. Don’t brag, and don’t try to act smart if it doesn’t come naturally to you!

Something that can excite and arouse a woman is a sense of adventure; be spontaneous and exciting, living life to the full. That way she’ll never get bored of you! Try to make life fun, use your sense of humour and do whatever it takes to make her happy.

To really capture her heart, you need to be the best you can be. Be ambitious, reach for the stars and have confidence in yourself. This is what she will find the most attractive: a man who has some direction in his life and knows what he wants.