What Do You Look For in a Woman?

When you generalise the male species, it’s quite easy to pigeon hole them; give them sex, beer, football and fast cars and they’ll be happy for all eternity. Right? Not necessarily. Our experienced escort girls understand that men can be made temporarily content using lust and charm, but in the long term, they’re looking for something more than a girl with a high sex drive.

Each man is different, so will undoubtedly be looking for different qualities in their woman. However, there are some things that are important to most men, and are often overlooked by ladies in pursuit of a partner. Here are a few things that might be more vital to a successful relationship than you realise…

She needs to get on with your friends (or at least tolerate them). However much you love your Mrs, you can’t spend 24 hours a day with only her. To retain a shred of sanity, you’ll also need time with your mates. A good girlfriend will understand this and not resent you for wanting to go out with them occasionally. We’re sure she wants girls nights too! In long term relationships, your friendship groups are bound to cross over at some point. If she hates your mates, it could cause tension and make social situations awkward.

These days, a lot of ladies are independent. Most people in their 20s and above live by themselves or with housemates, and don’t depend on anyone else. This is appealing to a man; if a girl needs you to look after her all the time, it can become a drain on your resources (whether they’re financial or emotional). It’s great to be the provider and protector, but she also needs to be able to stand on her own two feet.

Just as she would expect you to understand her shoe shopping habits, she needs to understand yours. You need to make allowances for each other’s personal tastes, even if it’s not something you share; if she starts making digs or rolling her eyes every time you want to indulge, things will quickly turn sour.

Finding the perfect woman for life is no mean feat, so until then take advantage of our cheap escorts in London. With their beauty, charm, and fun, friendly personalities, they will be everything you could possibly want – for now! Sadly you can’t keep them forever, but we’re sure you’ll wish that you could.