What We Look For in a Date

When you’re on the dating scene, it can sometimes feel impossible to find that perfect woman. Not all girls are as experienced as London escorts, but they could certainly learn a few tips from them! Here are a few things that we like to see from a woman on a date; you can be sure that a London escort will live up to your expectations but let’s keep our fingers crossed for the rest of the ladies too!

She should show an interest in her date. Neither sex likes someone who talks about themselves constantly or who doesn’t say a word, so a good balance is important. Ask each other about your hobbies, likes and dislikes, careers. If she’s on a date with you, she must’ve had an interest in you in the first place so hopefully she will continue to delve deeper.

Personal contact is always a bonus. If a girl finds excuses to touch you throughout your date, it is a good indicator that she is interested and gives us a better idea of how well things are going. She might lean in close, touch you on the arm as she talks and slap you on the leg if you say something cheeky – and we love it! Just the lightest touch can send shivers down our spine!

A girl with a sense of adventure is great; you should be able to have fun with her and keep things light. It’s bound to be a put off if she rejects the idea of trying anything new – sure, restaurants are nice, but sometimes you might want to do something different!

There also some things that we don’t like to see on a date; for example when a girl makes no effort. If she was all dolled up in a dress, heels and make up when you met, it would be a disappointment if she turned up to dinner in jeans and a t-shirt. Even if she’s a natural beauty, no effort gives the impression that she isn’t bothered about you or what you think of her.

Some topics of conversation should be completely avoided on a date, such as ex boyfriends. We don’t want to hear about them at all! You should also avoid discussing anything too private or personal on a first date, this can come up later if you become an item.