What We Love in a Girl

Women are wonderful creatures. Even though they can be difficult at times, we really couldn’t live without them (literally). Although every one is different, there are particular qualities that we adore in a girl; these are what most of us want in a girlfriend or a wife!

We can’t always tell what a girl is thinking, so they need to be quite obvious if they like us. It’s a huge turn on when a lady is assertive enough to tell us what she wants, especially if she asks us out first and saves us the hassle! A lot of women still think that they have to wait for a man to make the first move, but in this day and age it can go either way. When it comes to the bedroom, girls should never be too afraid to ask to try something new – chances are we will be up for it!

When a girl wears matching underwear, it drives us wild. Not only does it look fantastic, but it shows that she has made an effort and put some thought into what she’s wearing. She knows the lure it has on us, so when we see it we know that she wants to please us. It’s such a delight to see so many sensual escort photos in the gallery of beauties in matching lingerie!

A great quality in any person is to have a lust for life, wanting to try new things and have new experiences. When a woman shows that she is like this, it makes her seem more exciting and appealing – a definite draw for men! Although this is the sign of a modern woman, we still like some traditional values too, such as letting us treat them to dinner occasionally. Since the beginning of time, men have been the providers and protectors, and these days there aren’t many ways of showing that. Although we’re not looking for a gold digger, we do like to splash out on a lady every now and again.

One mistake that some girls make is not knowing how to take a compliment. If you tell them that they look gorgeous and they brush it off, not only does it make them look insecure, but it also makes us feel a bit silly for saying anything in the first place. It’s much more attractive to say ‘thank you’ and smile – maybe returning the compliment if we’re lucky!