What Women Want

Women can be fickle, and sometimes it’s really hard to work out what it is they want. When ‘no’ can really mean ‘yes’ and ‘fine’ is definitely not fine, you can’t blame us for being confused sometimes.

Just to clear things up and avoid as many squabbles as we can, we spoke to some of the Kentish Town Escorts at V London to see what it is about men that gets on their nerves. It might be something you’ve never even thought of – take heed of their advice and live a life of less grief!

<b>Running in Heels</b> Ladies like to look good, especially if we are taking them out somewhere. We love heels too, they always make a woman look sexier with longer, toned legs. The problem is, she doesn’t like walking any distance in them, as I’ve heard they’re not the most comfortable things. If you tell her to meet you at the restaurant, she might be a bit miffed. Offer to pick her up in your car or in a taxi so that she doesn’t have to totter along in her stilettos – she’ll appreciate your gentlemanly behaviour.

<b>Embarrassing Her</b> Some girls don’t mind you teasing them in the privacy of their own home – we all know how much fun that can be. But if you try it in public, I bet you’ll be in trouble! The worst thing you can do is to pick an argument or criticize her in front of her family or friends. If you make her feel embarrassed or poke fun at her expense, you’ll definitely be in hot water. If there’s something you need to say, save it until you’re alone at home.

<b>Selective Hearing & Vision</b> If I’m reading a magazine or a newspaper, I’m not going to hear her – it’s just tuned out. The same goes for if I’m watching Top Gear. But this infuriates women; when they talk to you, they expect an answer, every time! The same goes for when we don’t notice that the bin needs taking out or don’t see that shelf that needs fixing. If she can see it, she expects you to as well and to do something about it!

Other grievances included us leaving the toilet seat off, the lid off the toothpaste and wet towels on the floor (or woe betide on the bed). They’re also not impressed when we claim to know where we’re going and then get lost; best to take a map just to placate her!