What’s Turning Her Off?

Do you ever try really hard to impress a girl, think that you’re doing all the right things but then get dumped? It’s impossible to know what’s going through her head, and sometimes that can leave us very confused. We spoke to some of our Ewell escorts to find out what annoys them about men, and what might blow our chances with them.

You need to get a good balance when it comes to staying in touch with her. If you call all the time, you’ll look needy and will eventually get on her nerves. Couples often slip into this habit in the exciting, early days of their relationship, but you need to limit the amount of calls, texts, facebook messages and emails to a reasonable amount. However, if you try to play it too cool and only call her once a week, she will lose interest and go to find a man who pays her more attention.

Be careful mentioning your ex girlfriend. Although your new girl might be very curious about your past, it’s best not to bring it up unless absolutely necessary. If you speak fondly of your ex, your girlfriend will jealous and try to compare herself, but if you’re nasty about your ex you will come across as mean and bitter. This would make your girlfriend wonder how you’d speak about her if you broke up.

Annoying habits can also squander your chances with the girl of your dreams. If you’re a heavy snorer, be prepared to get rolled over. She will be very grumpy if you keep her up all night! If the problem persists, invest in some nasal strips that may alleviate the problem – it could save your relationship. Also watch out for any ‘boy’ habits that she might find disgusting, such as picking your nose, scratching your balls or chewing with your mouth open. Fair enough if you want to do it in private, but in front of your woman won’t go down well, and if she catches you doing it in public you’ll be in big trouble!

Girls like to feel valued, so don’t just concentrate on her looks when you compliment her. It’s all very well to tell her how beautiful she looks, but once you get to know her better you should also let her know which other things you appreciate about her. Let her know if she makes you laugh, that you’ve noticed she’s done something thoughtful or that she’s good at something.