When to Make Your Move

Every guy wants to get lucky with his date. It can be difficult knowing when to make your move; if you try too soon you could blow your chances, but if you leave it too long you have the danger of straying into that ‘friends’ territory.

There are certain circumstances that can make a difference, such as whether you were friends with the girl before your date and whether she follows ‘the rules’ for relationship or just plays it by ear. However, there are guidelines you can follow if you really are feeling clueless.

The first thing to remember is to keep a balance between eagerness and nonchalance. If you’re too forward it could out her off; girls don’t like to get the impression that you’re only after one thing. They don’t want to be seen as sexual objects, and many also have the same fears as men about committing too fast. Of course, you’ll always have a few who can’t wait to rush down the aisle, but they can never hide it for long so you’d see that coming! If you’d prefer commitment free dating, simply go out with London escorts instead and there’ll be no expectations or strings attached.

It can be very tempting to ‘play it cool’ when you’re trying to impress a girl; you want to keep her on her toes. But do this in small doses – if she doesn’t think you’re interested, she won’t bother meeting you again. If you do want to see this girl again, how you end your first date is very important; she will be judging you on this! It’s up to you whether you share a kiss or not, but that’s down to you to read her signals. If she tries to kiss you, kiss her back. If she doesn’t, at least kiss her on the cheek to let her know that you want her. Don’t sleep with her on the first date if you want to keep dating her, because it may actually devalue your own opinion for her – nobody wants to think that their girlfriend is easy. This will also increase the suspense and make you both more eager to see each other again.

If you didn’t kiss properly on the first date, you should do this on the second one, avoiding the previously mentioned ‘friend territory’. You need to let her know that you are attracted to her, so compliment her and remain tactile (in moderation).

The first time that many girls think it’s acceptable to have sex with a guy is after the third date; they can then do it without feeling guilty and without worrying that you’ll disappear as soon as you’ve got what you wanted.