Where to Pick Up Girls

Picking up women isn’t always the easiest task. Guys generally go out on the pull at weekends, scouring the bars and clubs for a lady who takes their fancy; although this is fine if the girl has the same agenda, it often backfires because women expect it and have their guard up. Girls don’t want to feel objectified, so if you approach them in this kind of environment they may automatically assume that you’re only after one thing. To get round this problem, try meeting women at times when they don’t expect it and see if you have a better success rate.

The trick is to catch women off guard. They will be more flattered that you are attracted to them if they haven’t spent hours getting ready, perfecting their hair and make up. Many men actually prefer girls with a more natural look; it also gives you a much better indicator of what they will look like in the morning! It’s a good idea to approach women when they are by themselves; be careful never to make them feel threatened, don’t try talking to them if they are walking home alone at night. Stick to daylight and public places so that they feel safe and comfortable. Groups of women can be much more intimidating to approach, and also girls will be influenced by what their friends think of you. You have a much better chance with women who are alone or with one other girl.

Supermarkets are a great place to start. You could start up a conversation about something mundane like the products you’re buying, especially if you’re going for the same thing. It’s a good sign if you have similar tastes! If you can’t think of anything to say, perhaps ask her if she knows what else you need for a recipe or where you can find something in her trolly. Check for a wedding ring, and take notice of her body language; if she holds eye contact, smiles and flicks her hair, it’s a good sign that she’s interested. If she looks away and cuts the conversation short, move on to the next aisle!

Another great idea is to start taking some classes that interest you, whether it’s dance, art or cooking. There is usually a lower percentage of men so you have a better chance of meeting women, and it’s an open, friendly environment where you can talk to the girls without looking like a predator. They’ll also like the fact that you’re pursuing one of their own interests.

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