Why Girls Like Bad Guys

Have you ever noticed that Mr Nice Guy always loses out to the rogues? You can treat a girl like a Queen, always behaving like the perfect gentleman, showing her with compliments and picking up the bill. Yet for some reason, she ends up going off with the local tough guy who ignores her, makes her bring him a pint and generally treats her badly! Battersea Escorts tend to prefer a gentleman to a bad boy, but meet somewhere in the middle and you can’t go wrong. Sometimes, it’s difficult for a man to know how to act. Women want us to be strong and heroic so that we can protect them, but they also want us to be sensitive and caring. It’s difficult to find the right balance. It’s one of life’s mysteries, but there are a few things we could learn from these bad boys without getting ourselves locked up.

First of all, they keep things interesting. Bad boys are unpredictable, they make up their own rules and they do whatever they like. Guys who keep it on the straight and narrow can seem dull and boring. You don’t need to break any laws, but by being more assertive and spontaneous you will spark your ladies interest and hold her attention. Don’t just always agree with what she suggests, but at the same time don’t play devil’s advocate just for the sake of it. Form your own opinions, and let them be known. She’ll like you taking charge.

Another good quality that bad guys have is that they are very confident and self assured. They have a high opinion of themselves, and don’t care what anyone says or thinks about them. Self confidence can not only improve relationships, but also your career and social status. It is a winning recipe in life, and can’t go far wrong. Do whatever it takes to build your own confidence, and reap the benefits.

Finally, everyone loves a challenge. Women especially like it if a man seems unattainable (as bad boys often do). The harder the challenge, the more desirable he becomes. That’s why she will follow him around like a puppy dog when he ignores her, and she’ll try extra hard to please him just to be thrown a crumb of gratitude. When men work hard to land one of their conquests, she can quickly lose her appeal once he has succeeded. This is the same for women, but bad guys seem so uninterested that women try harder to hold on to them. I wouldn’t advise that you ignore your girlfriend as this could backfire, but don’t be too attainable. Intensity scares women in the early stages, so act laid back and she’ll be at your feet.