Why You’ve Gone Off Your Girl

A lot of the clients who visit our website to book an escort in London have recently broken up with their girlfriends or other halves. They were used to having female company, and suddenly find themselves craving a woman’s touch; however, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the ones who got dumped. Quite often, you can go off a girl for the smallest reason! Some women spend weeks analysing the reason for the break up, wondering what went wrong or what they could have done differently. But the truth is, it could have been something as trivial as the noise she makes when she laughs, or her love for cats! Sometimes you just get a feeling, or the chemistry has gone — it doesn’t always need an explanation. Saying that, there are some common mistakes that women make that are bound to put men off.

1-She moves too fast

If you’ve only been going out for a few weeks, there are several things a girl can do to show that she’s moving at a much faster pace than you; first of all, she might update her Facebook status to ‘in a relationship’. This is her way of telling the world that you’re taken, and should definitely not be done without prior discussion! She might also start talking casually about marriage and babies before you’ve even left your toothbrush at her house, or the big mistake — uttering those three little words prematurely. “I love you” can end a relationship if the feeling’s not mutual.

2-She Takes Over

You’ve always gone for a pint with the lads on Wednesdays, played football on Sundays and need to devote at least two evenings a week to your X Box. But before you know it, without consultation, she’s making dinner and theatre reservations during your personal time. Your beer cans in the fridge have been replaced with mineral water and healthy snacks, and she has rearranged your pillows in a fancy pattern. If a girl tries to push you into a lifestyle you don’t want, she’s unlikely to last very long.

3-She Reveals a Hidden Side

You can go out with a girl for weeks, thinking that you’re really getting to know each other — when all of a sudden, she reveals a whole other side that you never knew she had! Perhaps she had been sweet and girly, but one night gets drunk and lairy in the pub; your delicate angel is now downing shots while dancing on the bar with her knickers showing. Or maybe she flew into a jealous rage when you were speaking to a female friend, clearly displaying a psychotic streak that had laid dormant up until now.

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