Winning Ice Breakers

The world is full of gorgeous women who you’d love to have a chance with. The problem is, so many of these chances pass us by because we simply don’t know how to approach them, start a conversation and break the ice. You don’t want to risk sounding cheesy or getting rejected, but if you don’t try you’ll never know! Things are much more simple with beautiful escort girls; all you have to do is pick up the phone and make a booking. But out there in the big bad world, a little more effort is required…

One of the most common places to pick up girls is in a bar. It can be quite intimidating when they’re standing with a large group of girls, so take your opportunity when she’s either alone or with one other girl. One chance could be if she goes to the juke box; ask her if she has change for a fiver, then give her a pound and ask her to pick a song for you. If you are with another friend, you could challenge two girls to a game of pool, claiming the losers have to buy a round. It’s a great way to start some banter, and the competitiveness could get flirty. If she’s wearing a t-shirt with a slogan on the front, it’s an easy way to strike up a conversation – simply let her see you reading it and make a friendly comment!

If you’re on a lad’s holiday, it can be great fun to meet a group of girls on the beach by challenging them to a game of volley ball. If a woman on her own has been making eye contact and you think the signs are good, wait until she applies her sun lotion then offer to give her a hand where she can’t reach on her back. If she agrees, you’re definitely in there! Another cunning ice breaker would be to order a tray of drinks for you and your friend, but tell the girl nearby that they accidentally sent you an extra cocktail. She’ll be very grateful if you offer it to her, and it’s an easy way to get talking.

Parties are always a good way to meet good looking girls; they’ll be dressed to impress, and out to have a good time. Try to catch them in a quieter part of the house or club, such as when they’re going to the kitchen or the cloakroom. A really simple way to chat them up is by offering to get them a drink – it’s a classic method that will always be around! If you’re feeling especially cheeky, you could suggest a game of spin the bottle… just for the two of you!