Women’s Wiley Ways

Women know exactly how to push our buttons. Somehow, they’ve managed to put certain ideas into our heads, training us to behave how they want us to without us even realising it’s happening! This is not a recent discovery; for generations, ladies have been making up the rules as they go along and tricking us into going along with them to get what we want or to prove our manhood. It’s about time that these sneaky tricks were uncovered!

First of all, they’ve made us feel privileged for things that used to be normal. Take your weekly lads night out for example; it’s something that you and your mates have always done, regardless of what else is going on in your life. But now that you’re in a relationship, your Mrs acts like she’s doing you a favour if you allow her to go out with them! She will paint herself as being generous for allowing this, but you’ll then owe her one night sitting in front of rom coms and doting on her. How does that work out?!

Any one of our Ealing escorts will tell you how much they hate to break a nail or get their hands dirty, so they have concocted a cunning ploy to get themselves out of doing any messy jobs. Just say it’s a man’s job! Women are perfectly capable of taking out the bins, hammering in a nail and mowing the lawn, but for years we have been specifically designated with these jobs. Fair enough if you split the house hold tasks equally, but if she has you doing half the cooking and cleaning as well as all of the ‘man’ jobs, you might have pulled the short straw.

In the beginning of a relationship, you find it hard to keep your hands off each other. The sex is brilliant, spontaneous and frantic, but it’s natural for this to wind down as you settle into a more permanent arrangement. However, because they know how much we want it, women have learned to use sex to their advantage, offering it in exchange for something they want. Suckers like us always fall for it! It’s something that every man is going to want, and the things we will do for it still surprise us. Just remember that women have a sex drive too, so we bet she won’t last for that long if you stand your ground!