Your Best Friend’s Girl

Every guy knows that his best mate’s ex girlfriend is off limits, permanently. But what about a friend you know from the gym, or a friend of a friend? What if it wasn’t serious between them and there ex? The lines are blurred and it’s very difficult to know where you should draw the line when it comes to dating; everyone has a past. This is even more of an issue in small towns, where the chances are that a few of your friends will have all dated the same girl at some point!

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In the past, many marriages have ended in divorce because one of the couple has been unfaithful – and often this is with a friend of their spouse. To avoid heartache like this, you should try to avoid ever seeing friend’s girlfriends in a sexual way. You can’t do much about it if you have erotic dreams involving them, but don’t let yourself get carried away fantasising about her. Even if the feelings were reciprocated, do you really think it would be losing a friend over in the long run? If it didn’t work out with this girl, you would have then lost both of them.

If there’s a girl you really want to ask out but she has been out with one of your mates, ask yourself these questions first: how long were they together? If it was more than a year, I’d bet she’s off limits for good. How close is this friend? If it’s someone you see of speak to on a weekly basis, they’re probably too close to you and this would make your relationship and your life uncomfortable. How much do you value his friendship? If you wouldn’t care about never seeing him again, then it’s fair game. There has to be a line drawn somewhere, and acquaintances who you are merely polite to should not get to call the shots on who you date.

Also, think about her motives; does she know that you’re friends with her ex? Make sure that she likes you for who you are, and she isn’t just going out with you to spite her ex or make him jealous. This could be especially true if their break up was recent or messy. If he had cheated on her in the past, she’d have reason to want to get him back.

All good points to consider, so good luck with that girl!