Your Unspoken Cravings

There are many men who feel the need to spend time with London escort girls because they cannot confide in their wives or girlfriends. Perhaps you’re worried about the way she might react, or you think she will be judgemental; escorts girls are completely impartial and open minded so you know you can tell them anything. What many men don’t realise is that their problems are much more common than they realise; others feel the same way, but just don’t talk about it! Hopefully it brings you some comfort to read that these cravings occur frequently amongst men.

Even if your other half is a perfect lady in the street and you love her sweet ‘good girl’ image, it doesn’t mean you want her to behave that way all the time – especially in the bedroom. All it takes is some reassurance to convince your girl to let go of her inhibitions and reveal her naughty side! You would probably love her to be a bit more dirty, but are too afraid to tell her. It’s always best to be honest about things like this.

Women are often too embarrassed to masturbate in front of their partners, feeling it’s a very private thing. Some who have religious or traditional values still think of it as a sin or a shameful thing. However, it’s a huge turn on for us to see women masturbate – this is something they should all know! It can be used as part of foreplay, getting you both ready to make love. Assure your partner that this is something that you’d love to see, and that there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. If she obliges, you’ll both have a happier and more open sex life.

If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, you might want to shake things up a bit to keep it interesting. This might involve introducing sex toys into the bedroom, or trying role play or dress up. Perhaps you wish she would talk dirty to you, or maybe you want to try anal. Try bringing these things up by describing a dream you had to see how she reacts; she might be more open to trying new things than you give her credit for. Try to approach new things gently instead of jumping in at the deep end so that it feels more natural for both of you. Before you know it, you’ll be embracing a whole new lease of life!