All Hands on Deck

Whatever the season, you’ll always be able to find a reason to have a house party. You can celebrate Christmas, Easter, birthdays, Halloween, bank holiday weekends, summer, or just the fact that it’s a Friday night! If it’s in your own home, you don’t even need an excuse. House parties can be very cheap; if you ask everyone to bring their own booze and snacks, all you need to do is make a play list of good music and move the furniture around to accommodate everyone.

If you want it to feel more like an occasion, there are a couple of things you could do that will be simple with the help of your friends. If it is seasonal, make some decorations that will suit the theme; in the winter, cut up some white paper into snow flakes and stick them on the walls and windows with blue tack. If the time is right, Christmas decorations will also spruce up the space. In the summer, go with a beach or Hawaiian theme. There’s no need to import sand; just invest in a few tropical flower garlands and grass skirts, perhaps with a tropical backdrop and some inflatable props. If you ask all of your guests to come in fancy dress, it will really tie the theme together!

If it turns out to be a long, alcohol fuelled night, you may well end up with a couple of friends crashing on the sofa. This isn’t necessarily a bad things – it means that you can request all hands on deck the next day! Cleaning up after a crazy party is undoubtedly the worst part about it. Beer cans strewn across the floor, glasses broken and chairs overturned. If you provided food, it will probably be scattered about on the floor, and you may also have to deal with drink spillages. On your own, this can be a real mission – a task that you don’t want to tackle with a hangover. However, with a few friends helping out it can go much more quickly!

The best way to clean up is to designate jobs to people; one can go around with a bin bag to collect rubbish, one can wipe down the surfaces and another can mop the floor. Be sure to recycle glass and cans; you’ll be all done before you know it! Our cheap escorts are no stranger to house parties, and have tried and tested this clean up routine – it works a treat.