Be The Life and Soul of the Party

Have you ever been to a party where a lot of the guests don’t know each other? Whether it’s a family reunion or a work conference, you’re probably familiar with the awkward tension that fills the air during the early parts of the evening. Nobody wants to cause a scene, nobody will start up a conversation and you can be sure that nobody wants to be the first to get on the dance floor!

All it takes is one person to kick things off. It takes a brave soul to be the one, but they often end up being a huge hit amongst the other guests. Do you ever see a man slide into that role confidently and comfortably, then feel annoyed that you hadn’t done it first? Before long, people are gathering round him and he may well end up going home with the prettiest girl there! If you want to be that guy, use these techniques to be the man that other guests envy.

First or all, smile. This doesn’t mean that you have to grin like a maniac, but keep a pleasant, open expression and smile if anyone catches your eye. Nobody will approach a man who is scowling or sulking in the corner, so make yourself available. This might mean standing in a more public place like the bar – somewhere others are likely to mingle.

Be armed with a good sense of humour. Even in a professional environment, this can lighten the mood and warm everyone up. This doesn’t mean that you have to be a clown, a joker or a stand up comedian; just keeping the formality at bay will put everyone around you at ease. Avoid rude or inappropriate jokes until you know your crowd – this could end up having a negative effect if any of the guests take offence.

Use compliments when you meet someone new; it automatically creates a positive atmosphere and will make them feel good. Don’t say anything that could be interpreted as sexual or a come on, and make sure it’s something valid and genuine. Telling a bald man that you like his hair will definitely not make you the most popular party guest!

Try to use a first name basis wherever appropriate; once you’ve learned someone’s name, address them with it when you’re talking to them. This will make them feel more valued and add a personal touch to the conversation.

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