Be More Persuasive

Any of you who have children, friends, spouses or careers will wish at times that you were more persuasive. Imagine influencing them enough to get your opinion heard and agreed with – it would make life so much easier! Our duo escorts know how to use their feminine wiles to get what they want – no man can resist them. But how can persuasive powers work for you?

Luckily, the skill of persuasion is not something that you’re born with – it can be learned. Of course it comes to some more naturally than others, but applying a few simple techniques in your day to day life will make people around you more likely to do as you wish.

Many people will not admit that they are influenced by the actions of others, but countless social and psychological experiments have proved this to be false. We all follow the flock to a certain extent; it’s human nature. If you believe the majority to be leaning towards one opinion, you’re more inclined to lean that way too. Take rumours for example: if everyone in your street is whispering about one of the neighbours being a criminal, it will make you think twice about leaving your door unlocked – despite having no proof about the neighbour.

You can use this social influence to turn things in your favour. When you want a certain outcome, don’t focus on the negative. If you are a manager and you tell your team “Everyone keeps leaving cigarette ends in the car park. Please remember to use the ashtray”, they will feel that this behaviour is more acceptable because everyone’s doing it. However, if you rephrase the request “Most employees here use the ashtrays provided. We expect you to do the same”, your employees will not want to be the only ones breaking the rules. They are more likely to respect your request, because they believe that their peers are doing so.

The same goes with children. If they believe that others in their age group or those who they look up to are doing something, they will want to do it too! Saying “eat your greens, they’ll make you big and strong” may not hold much weight with your 6 year old. But saying “your brothers always ate their greens, and look how big and strong it’s made them” is more likely to affect them.

Think about how you phrase requests and propositions. Focus on the positive, don’t mention the negative. Use a majority to sway people in the right direction, and you’ll find that you achieve much more desirable results!