Broaching a Touchy Subject

When it comes to broaching an awkward or difficult subject, it can be hard to know where to start. You don’t want to give off the wrong impression of offend anyone, but something needs to be said.

The first thing to remember is to be tactful. There are very few situations where bluntness goes down well, so think about what the other person is going to feel like on hearing the news you’re delivering. Allow yourself plenty of time to have the conversation; rushing through it may seem disrespectful. The other person involved may wish to ask questions or might need time to get their head round an idea you’ve proposed.

One example of this is when a husband wishes to suggest a new idea in the bedroom to his wife. If you have a fairly unadventurous sex life and don’t usually discuss your fantasies, you may be very nervous. Create an environment where you both feel comfortable, preferably when you’re home alone together. Flatter her first by letting her know that she’s the only woman for you so that she won’t feel threatened by anything you suggest; start by talking about mild fantasies, and you might find that she’s surprises you! Perhaps you even share the same desire, but you never were open enough to discuss it. One common fantasy for men is to have a threesome with two women; if you mention this, make sure your wife or girlfriend understands that this doesn’t mean that she’s not enough for you and that she satisfies you completely. Many straight women are actually curious about experimenting with other girls, so you may find her more amenable to the idea than you thought she would be. If you do agree to go through with it, perhaps choose a lady neither of you know the first time to prevent any awkwardness afterwards. Booking a London escort online who you both find attractive is an easy option and will ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Another touchy subject you may find the need to bring up is in the work place; if you’ve been working hard for a long time but it seems to go unnoticed, you may feel that you deserve a pay rise. Marching into your boss’ office and demanding that he pays you more will not go down well at all, you need to test the water first. Find out how your company is doing and if they would actually be able to afford an increase in your salary. If they are cutting budgets and laying off staff, your request will not be welcomed. However if everything seems in order, ask your boss for a chat and come up with a list of reasons why you think you deserve a pay rise. Sometimes you have to ask before you get!