Common Fashion No-Nos

With it feeling like summer has finally arrived, sometimes us men can get in a bit of a pickle when it comes to dressing ourselves with style. Below are some tips – or some warnings, of what we need to avoid when it comes to fashion:

Mismatching Styles:

When styling yourself, it is sometimes tempting and all too easy to pull anything together. However, wearing cargo pants with a shirt, or a cap with a suit are not good looks. Try to co-ordinate your style and keep things nice and simple.

Dirty/Stubby Nails:

More and more modern men are learning to take care of themselves, but there are still the odd one or two who think it’s okay to wander around with cavemen style hands. If you work in an office, there really is no excuse! However, if you work outdoors or are involved in manual labour, then make sure you have a handy bottle of moisturising lotion to nurture those weary paws!

Dirty Shoes:

Don’t forget that your shoes need as much attention as the rest of your outfit. Women love good shoes and a stylish man will always have clean and shiny shoes.

Sporting a Unibrow:

Keeping your eyebrows groomed is extremely important, especially if you are prone to an unsightly unibrow. Not even Brad Pitt would be able to pull of the giant slug look. Purchase a pair of tweezers if you don’t own one, be brave and get plucking!

Cartoon Clothing:

There is a huge different between a trendy logo T-shirt and a top covered in Mickey-Mouse. Novelty clothing gives you a naff image and women simply won’t take this seriously! Everybody has a soft spot for cartoons, but if you want to stay stylish then the smart classic look is always the best decision.

Aftershave Overload:

Everyone loves to smell good, and all girls including London escorts get turned on by a hot smelling guy. There is however, a different between a subtle and intriguing aroma and a full blown, hard to breathe waft. When applying your chosen scent, just one or two sprays is enough – you can always reapply later!

Designer Label Overload:

There is absolutely no need to walk around like an advertisement for your favourite designers, it really undermines the whole point of wearing designer clothes! It is so much more stylish to be understated.

Builders Bum:

Never an attractive look! And so simple to avoid – make sure your trousers fit or invest in a belt to keep them up! You do not want one of our stunning escort girls to get an eye full of your behind!

If you have read this and begun to panic, then don’t fret, all our London city escorts have impeccable taste and would be more than happy to give you any fashion advice. Or, if you are nervous about your date with one of our stunners, don’t be! All our girls are friendly, fun and easy to get on with – no matter what you are wearing!

So give us a call today, and book one of our naughty London escorts, you probably won’t be wearing your clothes for very long anyway!