Cut Back to Treat Yourself

It’s so easy to fritter your money away. A few pounds on the tube, a few more for lunch, a drink or two in the evening and before you know it you’ve taken a big chunk out of your wages. On top of your rent or mortgage, bills and daily essentials, many of us find that we have no spare cash at the end of the month.

Everyone deserves to treat themselves sometimes. Whether it’s a meal in a nice restaurant, a night with a beautiful London escort or a trip away, rewarding your hard work can make you feel much more positive about life. It can increase your motivation and brighten your mood, making you much more pleasant company for those around you.

If you are struggling to find any left over pennies, try to make a financial plan recording your monthly or weekly income against your outgoings. First list the essentials such as bills and travel costs to work. Then work out an allowance for food and toiletries shopping, and try to stick to it. Costs can be cut here by seeking out reduced items or cheaper brands; if you travel regularly, save money by using an Oyster card, finding out if you are eligible for a rail card or even walking anywhere that is in a reasonable distance. Avoid taxis and private transport when possible.

It may seem very ‘old school’, but taking a packed lunch to work could save you up to £50 per week. If you do this every day for a month, you might find that you have between £100 and £200 extra at the end of the month! This would easily pay for a London escort or a great night out in the city.

If you like to meet up for dinner with friends, there are loads of offers you can take advantage of. Chain restaurants such as Pizza Express, Zizzi, Bella Italia and The Real Greek often run 2 for 1 offers or big discounts. All you need to do is search online for London restaurant vouchers, browse the restaurants and choose a deal that suits you. There are vouchers that you can print off and redeem when you pay. This might not be the most romantic option on a first date, but anyone you know well will appreciate the discount!

Simply cutting down on small unnecessary expenses can make a real difference – so start counting those pennies!