Dapperly Dressed

It’s not just an A-list actor or a spotty sixteen year old that requires a tuxedo. You may be thinking, why would I need to own a tailor-made tux, but you’d be surprised just how many occasions that a skillfully constructed suit will come in useful. You can thank us later, once you’ve read the rest, but just know – it’ a good investment.

There’s something about how the rich and famous gentleman wear their award ceremony attire that is both enviable and impressive. We bet, if you could afford it, you’d own a number of well-crafted suits to whip out for a number of different events. However, money and opportunity permitting, this isn’t very attainable.

It’s no surprise that the black tie look has withstood the test of time. Male elegance is such an achievable look, that you needn’t have to think too hard to achieve the desirable. From Frank Sinatra to Sean Connery (step forward, James Bond), all women love a well dressed man. A spruced gent is much adored by the mature escorts, as they like their men to be groomed, preened and stylish. A tuxedo is the way forward when entertaining any of the ladies from V London. It is the coolest look that a gentleman can carry off. It isn’t specific to any one specific type of man. You can instantly be transformed into the most dashing bachelor when you don a black jacket, crisp white shirt and dicky bow.

Fashion may not be everyone’s forte, however, this is one key wardrobe must-have that you should own. Throughout history, a number of garments have stuck around as staples; jeans for example. A suit is still considered a item of refinement, however, the simplicity of this uniform has not faltered either. A debonair gentleman is exactly what women like to see. There are, of course, those that love to see a guy in relaxed, casual wear, but it is still the case that they too like their men to scrub up well. From aristocrats to father of the bride, there isn’t a man out there that this traditional clothing won’t suit.

We aren’t suggesting you rush out and buy one just because the London escorts love a dapper dressed gent; most women do, when the occasion requires it. Heading to a special event? Maybe a work-do or something similar? You may be required to wear your smartest and most formal outfit. The girls at V are sophisticated, alluring and know exactly how to dress for any given social event. If required, they can arrive in a ball gown, elegant dress or LBD; whatever suits your wishes.