Dispelling the Myths

Old Wives Tales have been passed down through the generations, fooling even the most intelligent among us. Whether it’s something your mother always told you, a rumour you picked up in the playground or a statement you read in a tabloid newspaper, we can carry information with us our whole lives that is simply not true! Here are a few of the most believed myths, dispelled…

<b>Men Think About Sex Every 6 Seconds</b> Obviously everyone’s different, but we have come to believe over the years that men think about sex constantly. The Social Organisation of Sexuality recently carried out the most comprehensive survey ever taken in the United States. Of those questioned, 54% admitted that they think about sex every day (once or several times), 43% think about it a few times per week or per month, and 4% said it was less than once a month!

Women think about it a bit less often than men; just 19% have sex on the mind every day (that figure would include most of our Fulham Escorts!), 67% confessed to thinking about it a few times per month, and 14% said it’s less than once a month. There is still an obvious difference, but certainly no sign of every 6 seconds!

<b>Chewing Gum Stays in Your Gut</b> After my mother cussing me, I was terrified of swallowing chewing gum as a child. I was forbidden from spitting it on the floor, so from a young age I adopted the good habit of wrapping it in paper and putting it in the bin. The stories say that humans are unable to digest gum, so it ends up sitting in your stomach for years. It is true that we consume many things that our bodies have difficulty digesting, but out guts are powerful enough to keep everything moving. It is pushed through your intestines, and will be in the toilet after about 2 days. It is possible in rare cases to block up your digestive system, but you would have to eat an awful lot of gum!

<b>Big Feet = Big Package</b> There are many different theories that suggest men’s body parts indicate the size of his penis. Some say it’s big feet or big hands that give away a well endowed gentleman; other sources believe it’s a big nose, or the length of his fingers.

Due to proportions, it is possible to find correlation in some cases, but this is coincidental. Research carried out by scientists on thousands of men proved that there is in fact no link between penis size and other body parts. It’s a relief for the men with dainty hands, but big footed guys will probably continue to use this myth to their advantage!