Dress To Impress

The beautiful girls at our London escorts agency always dress to impress, even though they’d look just as good dressed in a bin bag! They do whatever they can to please their clients, and first impressions are often based on your attire. Our girls know that it is part of their role to be discreet and professional, and this includes dressing for the occasion. However, it is not only London escorts who use their outfits to give a good impression; everyone is judged on what they wear, both in social situations and in a working environment.

If you want to get ahead in life, you need to dress to impress. It could help you get your perfect woman, bag your dream job or be offered that promotion you’ve been waiting for – you need to let the world know that you mean business. Here are some tips on how to dress to your own advantage.

If you work in a professional environment, it’s important for you to look smart and confident at all times. Don’t just go by what your colleagues wear; check the company policy for small details, and see how your peers in the company dress. There are a few things that should go without saying; always be clean shaven with neat hair, ensure your shoes are clean and shiny, and tuck your shirt in! You’re not in school any more. Shirts should always be crisply ironed with trousers pressed, and suit jackets should be well fitting. If not, you will look like a kid playing dress up rather than a man who wants to be taken seriously.

Think about the image you want to give off. If you’re constantly wearing novelty ties and bright patterns, you might be known as the ‘fun’ one in the office, but this could prevent you from being taken seriously. Keep the colours of your suit dark and your shirts plain for real ‘power dressing’.

To impress the ladies, show them that you’re not a scruffy teenager. Pair well fitting dark jeans with a casual shirt (ironed) or a well fitting t-shirt; avoid low cut V necks, otherwise the girls might get the wrong idea about your sexual orientation! Save your trainers for the gym and invest in a smart pair of loafers to go out in the evenings – many bars and night clubs have dress codes that must be adhered to. A bit of stubble can look good for a weekend look, so try giving yourself a break from the razor and see how it looks!