Food That Makes You Ugly

Aside from the obvious negative effect of weight gain, there are certain food groups that will diminish your looks; they should either be consumed in moderation or avoided as much as possible so that you stay looking the best you can.

Fizzy Drinks Drinks such as Cola and Lemonade have a very high sugar and acidity content, causing havoc on your teeth. Consumption of these should be avoided to retain your lovely white smile – rotting teeth is not a good look on anyone. Recent research has also found that soft drinks can cause cell damage, which would accelerate the ageing process. On top of that, fizzy drinks can leave extra bacteria in your mouth giving you bad breath – no good if you were hoping to get a kiss from beautiful Bank and Monument escorts while you’re in the city!

Additives Found in lots of processed foods such as ready meals, sweets and biscuits, additives have been linked to behavioural problems in children in the past. However, they also have an adverse effect on your looks as an adult. They can cause allergies that give you an unsightly rash, asthma (making you wheeze) and gastric problems. All symptoms that you’d rather avoid!

Sugar Most people know that too much sugar makes you fat and rots your teeth, but did you know that it can also give you wrinkles? Once sugar gets into your bloodstream it attaches itself to the proteins elastin and collagen. These fibres are the ones that usually keep your skin nice and smooth, but when they are altered by sugar they become saggy – very ageing on your skin.

Alcohol It’s obvious that your body doesn’t like having alcohol in it, as a hangover is your body’s way of letting you know. Too much can cause blood vessels to burst, which may result in broken veins on your face giving it a ruddy appearance. Alcohol also dehydrates you (just look at your pee to see the evidence); this dries out your skin which causes wrinkles. Finally, it can leave your eyes red and bloodshot from inflamed blood vessels in your eyes.

Avoiding these food groups can keep you looking healthy and youthful for longer. It’s also to avoid trans fats and carbohydrates – these can lead to weight gain. Too much salt is also very bad for you, unless you’re using it as an exfoliant on your skin! Eat sensibly and you’ll look much more desirable.