Geek Chic – It Works!

Often, guys who are labelled as ‘geeky’ have low self confidence, which can be carried over from being picked on at school. Maybe you have an above average intelligence, a keen interest in computers or a huge collection of comics. Whatever it is that makes you a geek, here’s how you can use it to your advantage and bag the girl of your dreams.

Think how annoyed girls get when their boyfriend forgets their birthday and their anniversary. A lot of men just don’t store this kind of information, but if you make a habit out of memorising every line of every Star Wars film, this will be no problem for you! If you have a girl who just sees you as a friend but you want more out of the relationship, store any information that could come in handy. Her favourite perfume, flowers, books… when you surprise her with a personal gift that she loves, she’ll realise why you’d be worth dating. West Hampstead escorts love receiving gifts and are bound to be won over if you spoil them.

Remind her that your skills could come in very handy around the house. You can fix a computer, a DVD player, that broken washing machine… your usual macho man would just stand there scratching his head. Just make sure that you’re man enough to take out the spiders, because that’s usually a requirement from women!

Never underestimate the value of intelligent conversation. Although a Calvin Klein model or an athletic jock might be great to look at, the novelty soon wears off if she realises that they don’t have any depth. To make a relationship work, she needs a man who can keep up with her intellectually, who can stimulate her mind as well as her body and who holds her interest; you’ll rarely come across a nerd without a brain so you probably are a safe bet there!

It’s very likely that an IT geek will already be in a good job, earning a good wage. You may not want a gold digging girlfriend, but most women appreciate a man with a stable career who won’t be sponging off her and drifting between jobs. Use your job to let her know that you’re a responsible, grown man who can support her financially.

Finally, you can assure her that she’ll never have to fight you for the bathroom or the mirror; men that spend 2 hours perfecting their hair may think they look great but it’s very frustrating for the girl living with them!