Getting Ahead in the Work Place

When you work in an office environment, there are always a few gossips. Whatever you say could get back to the boss, so it’s best to keep quiet – even if you’re fuming! It’s also a good idea to stay on the right side of your co-workers so that they don’t put you down behind your back too.

When you land a new job, it can be very tempting to give your old boss the finger and tell them what you really think of them. It would give you great satisfaction after all the years of their bad decisions and silly requests, especially when you know you could have done that job so much better than them. But hold your tongue; you don’t know how long your new job will last, and they may ask for references from your previous employment. Remember the saying – “be nice to people on your way up, because you might meet them on your way down”!

It’s always a good idea to keep your seniors on your good side in the work place; however hard it is, think to yourself what is more important to you: venting your frustrations, or earning that promotion? It’s just not worth blowing your chances. It can be a strain when you’re already snowed under with work, and your boss comes along and asks you to do some tedious task that will eat into your time… instead of snapping at them and refusing, try to explain that it won’t be possible at the moment but you’d be happy to help once you complete your current work load.

If another colleague has a problem that’s bothering everyone such as bad breath, don’t be cruel and confront them in public. This may cause tension in the office, and may ultimately make you look bad. Deal with these things discreetly; perhaps you could quietly offer them a breath mint and hope they take the hint!

Don’t get caught using social networking sites such as facebook or leisure sites like escort agencies during work time. Many companies have had to ban these because workers were spending their time on these instead of working. You also don’t want to risk your boss seeing what you get up to in your spare time! It’s best to keep your private life private; if you dabble in recreational drugs, make a habit of booking escorts or anything else, just don’t mention it because the gossips will make sure everyone hears about it!