Body Hair Removal

In today’s ever changing society, men are becoming more and more familiar with grooming themselves. Aside from the host of skin and hair products, colognes and fragrances, there are now also new fashions styles for body hair (or lack of it) on men.

Women have preferred to go body hair free for years; apart from some naturists, feminists and more mature ladies, girls like to keep their legs and underarms completely smooth. This can be achieved in many ways, from wet shaving, hair removal creams, epilation, waxing or sugaring to more permanent methods such as laser hair removal. Shaving needs to be maintained almost daily, whereas other methods can last for weeks. When grooming their more delicate areas, women have different preferences. Some go all natural (though this is quite uncommon in young women now) or just trim the ends, some take it all off (called a Hollywood or a Sphynx), while others like a strip of hair; this is known as a Brazilian or a landing strip. Other popular shapes and styles for women’s pubic hair include a triangle, a heart or a short patch in the middle. £110 London escorts most commonly opt for the Brazilian or Hollywood styles of waxing.

In the past, men have generally just shaved their faces. This is a daily chore if you’re going for a clean shaven look to avoid the annoying ‘5 o’clock shadow’, but it’s become very fashionable to have ‘designer stubble’ over the last decade; this can be more easily maintained by trimming it every few days with an electric razor.

As men get older, it usually becomes necessary to keep ear and nose hair at bay with a trimmer. This is the type of thing that ladies always notice, so it’s a good idea to keep on top of it! Underarm hairs should also be reasonably trimmed at all times; if any hair peeks out when your arms are down, that’s an indication that it’s too long.

A decade or two ago, the smooth-all-over look for men was generally only favoured by male strippers and porn stars; today, it is much more common. The ‘back, sack and crack wax’ is no longer a terrifying myth but now an even more terrifying reality for some men! If you fancy having a bare chest, shaving is a much less painful option than waxing – however it can lead to rashes and ingrowing hairs.

Some women will always prefer a hairy man, no matter what the current fashion dictates. A hairy chest gives a more rugged, masculine, animalistic and adult image. But don’t forget – a hairy back is never a good look!