Hidden Gems

In London, there are countless bars, restaurants and nightclubs to keep nightlife buzzing. Most of them are lit up to attract the world, unmissable beacons offering drink and girls. However, there are many hidden gems in the city that only the locals tend to know about. These are so easily missed by tourists, but they make great places to meet up with friends, take a date or chill by yourself without the commercial pull that so many London establishments sell themselves on.


This underground bar is no longer one of London’s best kept secrets and is usually full of wine fans; however, walking past the entrance near Embankment underground station, you would never know of the rustic charm that is concealed inside. As you walk down the steep and narrow stairs, the heat envelopes you in a cosy, welcoming haze. The whole bar is made of bare brick walls in low coves and arches. If you’re lucky enough, you could get a secluded table inside one of the alcoves. It will give you privacy and an imtimate setting, perfect to entertain a London escort. This wine bar is really worth trying, and even has an outside beer garden for warmer weather.


This newly refurbished bar is just a stone’s throw from Aldgate East station on Leman Street. The site was bombed by a Zeppelin in World War I, lending it’s name to the bar that now stands there. Downstairs is in keeping with the war theme and has a traditional pub atmosphere, appealing to older punters. However upstairs has modern decor,a pool table and a roof terrace, attracting a much younger crowd. It’s a great place to hang out, and being set back off the main road means that the main traffic and tourists tend not to know about it. One of London’s little known hidden gems.


Although this bar/club has a prime location under the billboard lights of Piccadilly, many miss the delights inside due to the blacked out windows. But once you get inside, the stone floors, mismatched chandeliers and sumptuous decoration will take your breath away. There have been several times where I have gone to another posh London club that was promoted, only to get bored and end up back in Jewel! You can rely on the fact that there will always be an attractive crowd in there, and I have yet to experience a bad night there.