How Are Your Manners?

Your social etiquette says a lot about you; how you behave is the first thing people notice and it is how they will form their opinion of you. If someone doesn’t know anything about you, it’s the only thing they have to base their judgement on. Most people you pass by every day will never find out about your hilarious wit or your great work ethic – a good person could come across completely wrong if they don’t have the right social etiquette.

London escorts are expert in coming across well and they have learned impeccable manners, all part of being the perfect companion. A lot could be learned from these girls! You might not care what other people think of you, but you never know who you’re seen by and when you will encounter them again. Imagine if you didn’t give up your seat on the bus for an elderly lady, only to find it’s your fiancée’s grandmother!

There are a few simple things you can do to improve your social etiquette so that nobody thinks you’re rude. When two of your acquaintances meet for the first time for example, ensure you introduce them to each other. You don’t want them standing around awkwardly because it’s slipped your mind! You should also be punctual in both work and social situations; it’s disrespectful to turn up late with a string of excuses.

A lot can be said about you from the way you treat staff such as waiters and bar tenders; if you’re rude to them, speak down to them or fail to tip just because you’re cheap, people will think a lot less of you. They may have to take it, but you’re no better than anyone else so don’t act like you are. Dining manners are also very important; there is no excuse whatsoever for an adult to eat like a pig. Never chew with your mouth open, and avoid eating noisily. Women find this a real turn off – if you have disgusting eating habits you could totally blow your chances with your date.

With the development of technology, you rarely go a day without hearing a phone or a pager go off. If you’re in company, it’s polite to give your attention to the person you’re with rather than constantly checking your mobile. In public, try to keep your phone conversations to yourself as much as possible.

Following these guidelines will make you much more popular in public opinion and might even help you to be more successful in life!