How To Be A Millionaire

Ok, so we can’t guarantee that you’re going to become filthy rich after reading this article. But what we can do is show you some of the most wealthy people in the world, and see how they made their millions. Unfortunately, not many of us are born into money and have to find ways to make it ourselves; see if you could apply any of these techniques.

Like Sir Paul McCartney, you could use your talent. He is the most successful composer and musician in pop music history and is still going strong. On top of being a quarter of one of the world’s most successful bands, The Beatles, Paul McCartney owns the copyright to over 3,000 songs as well as several musicals. If you have a raw talent for writing or performing music, use it to your advantage and see where it could take you. Perhaps you’ll end up with £450 million like Mr McCartney!

You might think that you need a great education or genius tendencies to make millions, but Sir Richard Branson has proved that this is not the case. He left school at the age of 16 to start his first venture, and had his first shop by the time he was 21. He would use the money made from one venture to back another scheme, and now his brand ‘Virgin’ is involved in everything from transport to vodka. He is now worth around £1.5 billion.

Another example of a non academic success story is the business mogul Sir Alan Sugar, who also left school at 16. He started off as a bit of a ‘wheeler dealer’, selling goods out the back of a van. Since founding ‘Amstrad’ at the age of 21 he has gone on to make £800 million and now fronts the TV show ‘The Apprentice’.

One way to succeed is to spot a gap in the market and forge forward to fill it. This is what glamour model Katie Price (aka Jordan) did, and now she is worth an estimated £30 million. Since coming into the public eye, she has branched out into writing books, and also has her own lines of perfume, underwear and hair care. She makes an effort to keep herself in the public eye by catching tabloid headlines and appearing in reality TV shows. At the moment, Katie Price seems to be unstoppable.

Our Knightsbridge Escorts are taking a slightly different approach, hoping to marry a millionaire instead!