How to Exude Confidence

Confidence can get you far in life. Just like women are often judged by their looks (our gorgeous English escorts score very highly here!), men are judged on how confident they appear. This happens amongst friends, in relationships and on dates, in your career and in day to day life. It’s important to get the right balance if you want people to have a good opinion of you; avoid coming across as too arrogant or cocky, but don’t be a wallflower either.

The first thing to think about is how you present yourself on your initial meeting with someone. Are you slouching or dragging your feet? This can immediately give the impression of laziness and lack of self confidence; it will appear that you aren’t particularly bothered about meeting this person. Instead, stand up straight with your shoulders back; walk at an intermediate pace so that you’re not striding or shuffling! Standing up straight also greatly improves your posture and physique, making your chest look bigger and your stomach flatter. Result!

Think about what you’d like to say to this person as you’re approaching them so that there’s less chance of you stammering or muddling your words. Potential employers and beautiful women can be very intimidating, but remember that they’re only human. Try to speak clearly – don’t mumble or cover your mouth with your hand.

Speaking of hands, your handshake says a lot about you. If it’s weak and limp, the receiver will perceive you to have a frail character. If you squeeze too hard and crush their bones, not only will you be unpopular for hurting them, but it will seem as if you’re overcompensating for something. Offer a firm, assured shake and make eye contact as you do this.

Eye contact is an important part of displaying self confidence. If you look at your feet as you talk to someone, they will not become engaged and take an interest in what you’re saying. You don’t need to stare them out, just look into their eyes at natural intervals throughout the conversation. You will seem more sure of yourself, and will develop a more immediate bond with that person. If you look away to the side, you’ll look distracted and unreliable.

Combining all of these factors will certainly have you well on the way to looking confident; apply these tips to all areas of your life and you’ll see just how successful you can be. It might even win over a sexy London escort!