The Importance of Being Eclectic

If you have ever successfully chatted up a girl before, you’ll know how easy the whole process is when the two of you suddenly discover you share a similar interest. A five minute conversation about how great a certain band, film, sport, whatever, will do more for you than any other conversation ever could.

If the girl knows you have a similar taste in something, she’ll feel far more at ease around you. She’ll find it easier to empathise with you, as your tastes and hers are the same, at least in some things, and, for girls at least, empathy is very important.

You might think that having the same interests as a girl might have would involve little more than scoffing chocolate and watching Bridget Jones over and over. But this is a fairly stereotypical view, and you’d be surprised to find to what extent girls like decent music and films; our London Escorts have very eclectic tastes. But how can you ensure that the next girl you try to pick up will have at least one similar interest to you?

There is only one way, my friends, and that is to expand your own interests. Watch more films, listen to more music, hell, you might even find yourself enjoying this purely on its own merits. But you can rest assured that each new album you listen to or each new film you see will make for some great conversation with some girl somewhere out there.

If you find yourself a little reluctant to expand your tastes in some areas, books perhaps, then instead of forcing yourself to read, simply avoid mentioning books in conversation, and direct it towards things you know plenty about.

In fact, once you do have sufficient enough knowledge to guarantee some common ground between you and the next girl you meet, you should try and steer the conversation as much as possible, to better and more quickly discover whatever tastes you and the girl share.

A wide range of tastes will not only allow you to find some common ground, but will also help you in coming of as slightly higher brow than the average barfly, something many girls swoon for when they discover. Not only will expanding your tastes hugely increase your chances to find common grounds with the next girl you try to pick up, but you might find it actually is enjoyable enough in itself to continue doing with no ulterior motive.