Keep Warm in Style

A lot of people are going to be socialising outdoors this weekend, with firework displays planned all around London. The winter is properly creeping in now, so your first instinct might be to put on everything you own; although this would be exceptionally warm and cosy, it will also make you look like the Michelin man – not a very desirable role model, aesthetically. There are ways to keep warm without looking ridiculous; just follow our tips.

Make sure you have a well fitting coat. The sleeves should not be too short of draping over your hands; you should be able to do it up around your torso without the buttons/zip popping off, but it shouldn’t drown you. Putting on a tailored coat instantly improves the look of your physique; it can broaden your shoulders, narrow your waist and flatter your height. If you’re not very tall, don’t wear a long coat – it may make you look shorter. Choose one that stops at your waist or hips. Stick to a dark colour; it will go with everything you wear, and looks more classy than a bright or gaudy colour.

For winter weather, jeans and boots work well. You can put on a warm pair of socks underneath, and nobody will see them (assuming that your trousers are long enough – which they should be). This could be your chance to wear those novelty socks you secretly love! Just plan ahead – you might be kicking off your shoes with a London escort later in the evening…

Men look very good in scarves when worn well. Go for something understated; if you’re trying to impress the ladies, you probably don’t want a snowman print or bobbles on the ends. You can wear it any way you like – wrapped around twice, through a loop, it’s up to you. Black leather gloves are always a safe bet, or you might have some that match your scarf. We hope it goes without saying that escort girls won’t find mittens very sexy!

Hats can be a minefield; what looks great on some guys look ridiculous on others. Try to choose one that’s in keeping with your own style. The beanie is quite a safe option, or a flat cap. If it’s really cold you might want a Russian style trapper hat – but only wear it if you’re confident you can pull it off!