London in Style

London is a place where you can express yourself without being judged, wear whatever you feel like and be completely experimental. It would be impossible to pigeon-hole everyone’s style, because there’s so much diversity, but there are still a few long standing image groups that look to be staying around for a long time. Here are some classic fashion trends you might come across in this city.


The word ‘Yuppie’ emerged in the 1980s, referring to ‘Young Urban Professionals’ in the city. Men falling under this category are generally in their 20s or 30s, middle to upper class and finacially secure. The City of London is full of young men and women who wear sharp suits, crisp shirts and carry a briefcase. There are certain variations on this look; an open collar is the more cool and casual option, whereas a tie will give you a polished, professional look. Shirts can be white, block colour or patterned; check and pinstripe are the most common patterns; few opt for something wacky. Shoes vary from loafers to brogues to trainers depending on your individual style – they can completely change the overall image you’re projecting. This look is probably the most common client of our London escort girls as they can usually afford the privilege!


East London has developed a unique, forward thinking style over the years. Saturated with fashion and art students, many new trends originate from Hoxton, Brick Lane and Old Street. This style is renowned for acid bright colours, retro accessories, printed t shirts, skinny jeans and leggings. It is more difficult to describe this style as there are so many different aspects, however Shoreditch style is generally eclectic, favouring vintage pieces. The idea is to break away from the high street trends and make the look your own. For inspiration, you need only to go out in the evening and take a look around; a sea of trilby hats, waistcoats, long vests and converse trainers will wash around you. The only danger here is that there are so many ‘individuals’, that many start to look the same!


Since the early 1960s, Mods and Rockers have been bitter rivals in the UK. With rife subcultures in London and Brighton, the rockers rode motorbikes and wore leather jackets, whereas mods wore suits and rode scooters. Today, the groups are much less clean cut; rockers still wear black leather and ripped jeans, but the scale varies; some have many piercings and tattoos, others wear their hair long and their clothes scruffy. The musical preferences have changed over the years from rock and roll to heavy metal and modern or classic rock music. Mods have developed into what we now might call ‘Indies’, though you rarely ever see suits worn in this group now. Cord trousers or jeans are often teamed with t-shirts, tank tops or blazers, and many British bands (Oasis, Artic Monkeys, Ocean Colour Scene) have continued the sound made famous by classic mod bands such as The Who and The Beatles.

Of course, there are plenty of other styles out there, but simply too many to list! Find out how a real lady dresses by hiring one of our cheap escorts tonight.