Looking Good

We always tease girls about how long they take to get ready. An hour in the shower, hair, make up, 8 changes of clothes before they decide what to wear… but in all fairness, they do look great for it. Take our London escorts for example – they make an effort and it shows. They look gorgeous! However, many men don’t make any effort with their appearance, and women do notice these things.

This generation has bred a new kind of man – the ‘metrosexual’. Now some guys will fight their girlfriends for the bathroom, use beauty products and spend a lot more time looking in the mirror. To look good, you’ll be pleased to hear that not all of this is necessary! There are a few simple steps you can take to look good for your woman without compromising your masculinity.

The first and most important thing is personal hygiene. Unless you’re clean, fresh and smelling good, a woman won’t come anywhere near you! Shower daily, clean your teeth regularly, use an antiperspirant deodorant and choose a subtle cologne. This is where many make a mistake – something too strong scented can also act as a woman repellent. If you’re not sure, ask a female shop assistant to help you select a fragrance that’s attractive on you. Also, keep that fresh, clean smell by changing your underwear and shirt daily (the turning inside out rule doesn’t work).

Next, keep on top of your facial and body hair. Women never want to see hair coming out of ears or noses, or on backs and shoulders. There are plenty of things on the market so you can sort this out at home; trimmers, shavers and clippers. Some men go a step further and get waxed, but this is too painful for most! On your face, maintain the look you’ve chosen, whether it’s clean shaven, stubble, moustache or beard. Down below, keep it neat and trimmed. Women don’t like a bush any more than you do!

When it comes to fashion, a lot of men are stumped. Often your work place dictates what you wear on a daily basis – business suits are a fairly safe bet with women. But outside work it’s up to you to decide… if you don’t have a particular style the best tip is to keep it smart and simple. Pick up some tips from window dressings on the high street, but make sure you dress suitably for your age group. You may not be at all bothered about clothes, but this is one of the first things that a woman will notice and judge you on.

Now that you’re looking great, all that’s left to do is go out there and find the woman of your dreams!