Make the Most of Your Hotel Room

Hotels in London can be very expensive, especially if you have a taste for luxury. Even if you save up to afford a lovely suite, you may find that you go way over your budget by the time the night is through.

There are many things that can add up and increase your cost; dinner in the hotel restaurant, ordering room service, drinking the mini bar dry or booking treatments in the spa. However, there are ways you can enjoy the luxury without bumping up the cost!

First of all, find your perfect girl by having a look at some gorgeous London escorts online. Choosing a companion will keep you occupied for the evening, meaning that you won’t be tempted to leave your room to find a distraction. They also come at very affordable prices. Our escort girls are so captivating that you won’t need any other entertainment; you could even get a sensual massage from her in the comfort of your room without having to book into the spa.

One cost you can vastly cut down on is your food and drink. There is no need for you to leave your room or to fork out on overpriced room service; forward plan, and make a trip to the off licence before you arrive at the hotel. You can buy a decent bottle of wine for under £10, and many stores have offers and discounts on good brands. A romantic idea for food is to buy the ingredients for a picnic; crusty French bread, pate, salad… back in your room, the two of you can enjoy the feast on a blanket on the ground! It’s a quirky take on a picnic, fit for any weather.

A night at the cinema can cost over £30 for two of you in central London. If you enjoy films, most hotels offer pay per view where you can watch your chosen title for around £2.00 – quite a saving! You also will be more comfortable, have all the previously mentioned food and drink at your disposal and be able to pause it whenever you wish if you get too distracted by your beautiful companion.

There are so many simple pleasures that can be enjoyed in a hotel suite. Just taking a leisurely bath can be divine, or watching the city go by from a high window. Make the most of it while you have the chance!