Six months ago I met this gorgeous blonde escort who had a hand fetish. She loved men with big hands and long fingers, and that’s how I started taking great care of my hands. With top grooming tips, here’s how to get ‘manly’ hands that all women would love to hold and admire. Wash hands frequently with hand wash every time after you eat, smoke or been to the toilet. I prefer a gentle formula with natural ingredients like lemon or plants, that would give you a really nice woody or citrusy scent without over drying your skin. Imagine when you run your big hands over her long blonde hair, the last thing you want her to smell is the kebab that you had for lunch. If you would like to a step further in taking care of the looks of your hands, I recommend a manicure for men once every month. It is actually very relaxing and therapeutic to just sit back and relax while a qualified beautician massages your hands and fingers. It is a nice treatment you can have that is going to increase the blood circulation and send tingling sensations to all your finger tips. You can get all your fingers nails neatly trimmed, buffed. Say good-bye to the drying looking cuticles and salute to your well groomed hands that are moisturised, trimmed and hygienic. It is surely going to leave a good first impression. It is not only going to enhance the appearance when you have that first date with sexy babe that you just met on the weekend, it is also going to help with your professional looks at work or in a business meeting. When you give that handshake with business clients, it is surely going to boost your confidence level and help you seal that business deal.